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Manarat Al Madinah Al Munawarah Schools, with our Arabic and International curriculums, are one of the oldest education providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering world-class education and instilling creative thinking in students

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Shaping the leaders of tomorrow by providing an exceptional education environment for all-round development.


Supporting talent and motivating creativity

We believe gifted students are a key factor in realising the country’s aspirations and goals for the future. In line with Maarif Education's vision of “Creating Innovators Contributing to the Advancement of Society,” we provide full scholarships to talented students who meet the specified criteria

Creative schools and advanced technology

We approach education by encouraging students to pursue different paths using modern technology that supports the use of applications, helps them learn through play and stimulates the imagination. This advanced technology also enables parents to become partners in their children’s education through continuous communication with the school, via technology that is developed and managed by our schools

Ma’arif for Education , is the largest and oldest private schools’ operator in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ma’arif was established in 1971 in Saudi Arabia, and has more than 13 schools in its portfolio of schools across the Kingdom, offering K-12 National and International education for both Boys and Girls

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At Manarat Al Madinah Al Munawarah Schools
Academic Year 2021-2022

We offer advanced education programmes that equip our students with the right knowledge and tools to prepare them for the future.

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We have an international certification from the globally renowned ‘Cognia’

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Manarat Al Madinah Al Munawarah  SchoolsAl Mahzoor neighborhood – Al Khalidya – Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Street
 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
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Why should you choose Manarat Madinah International School?

  • Our students rank amongst the top global scorers in standardized tests, e.g. MAP & SAT
  • Our curriculum develops both academic and social skills which prepare students for jobs of the future.
  • Strong student enrichment programmes

Ensuring high quality education

We have a social commitment to provide high-quality educational opportunities for all students regardless of their background or abilities. Students in our schools are able to play, explore and learn in a happy, flexible and nurturing environment that encourages and facilitates intellectual, physical and moral development

All round Excellence

  • We provide a high-quality learning environment with advanced facilities
  • Expert faculty of the core subjects including English, Math & Science
  • We are accredited by “Cognia” – previously “AdvancEd”
  • International curriculum that enhance students’ readiness to college level and career life
  • Strong focus on building language skills with emphasis on Arabic, English and French

Preparation for Life Skills

  • Tech-based curriculum that drives STEM education for technical careers
  • We leverage advanced educational tools interactive boards and fully-equipped labs
  • Implement a strong co-curricular and extra-curricular programme that improve students’ critical thinking and problem solving abilities
  • Hands-on science experiments and arts activities

Community Leadership

  • Our vision is aligned with goals of Saudi 2030 Vision to nurture a generation of creative thinkers
  • We focus on nurturing the values of National Identity
  • We promote independent creative thinking to help address local challenges
  • Regular parents/teachers meetings to ensure students’ progress
  • Advanced follow-up and monitoring system to ensure students’ security
عرض النسخة العربية

You may also enquire through our National school page:

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قم بزيارة صفحة المدرسة الوطنية

We are committed to creating a learning environment that builds self-awareness, confidence, competence, and independence

Welcome to Maarif Education, Manarat Al Madinah Al Munawarah National & International School , where we strive hard to achieve academic excellence and provide our students with an exceptional educational experience, which allows our students to develop their skills and capabilities to attain their goals and ambitions.
The importance that we endow in Maarif for education is manifested in our vision. We empower our students to become active and effective in their school community and society at large, always proud of their Islamic heritage, Saudi culture yet embodying an international outlook. We aim to ensure our students have the required characteristics and skillset to face the challenges of the future.
We shall work hard on achieving our vision through ambitious plans and with the team’s solid determination and extended expertise, as well as through our distinguished partnership with guardians, parents and all the active establishments working with us.

Maarif Education Team