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Manarat Al Khobar Schools are the oldest educational providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering world-class education and instilling creative thinking in students 

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We are committed to creating a learning environment that builds self-awareness, confidence, competence, and independence

Riyadh National and International Schools have been at the forefront of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with their longstanding years of experience and continuous effort. Our long track successful record is a result of our determination to improve the educational services we provide in the Kingdom, where we always strive to implement international standards in everything we do. This vision is clearly represented in on our students’ outstanding academic performance and examination results

Dr. Mohammad Al Arfaj

We contribute to building a knowledge-based society


Nurturing Talents and Supporting Creativity

Our schools nurture talents and support creators through various channels, activities, and tasks that enable them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. Ma’arif Education provides full free scholarships to talented students who meet the specified criteria
Our teachers are well trained and armed with innovative teaching methods. They encourage collaboration with others in their different capabilities, and direct students to look to the future from different perspectives, seeking experience and, curiosity,, and solving problems in unconventional ways

Implementing Latest Technologies

Our schools provide a modern environment where students use technology inside and outside the school to contribute to building a knowledge-based society. We work with the latest technologies to communicate quickly and effectively with both students and parents

Our schools implement creative strategies that influence what and how students learn. We teach them to practice what they learn, which enables them to share information, knowledge and, best practicegood performance, self-esteem and develop positive behaviours

Creative Learning

Ma’arif for Education and Training, is the largest and oldest private schools’ operator in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ma’arif was established in 1971 in Saudi Arabia, and has more than 13 schools in its portfolio of schools across the Kingdom, offering K-12 National and International education for both Boys and Girls

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At Manarat Khobar Schools
Academic Year 2019/2020

We prioritiseput innovation on top of our priorities by providing top quality education that helps modern development and opens new opportunities for children..

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Why are Manarat Al Khobar  Schools the right choice for your children?

Manarat Al Khobar  Schools provide a dynamic and inspiring environment that enable children to excel in their educational journey from K-12, with a distinctive educational programme that is enriched with unique partnerships with international institutions to help students pursue a distinguished career pathway

We have an international certification from the globally renowned ‘AdvancED’

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Manarat Al Khobar  Schools
Qorutbah Area –Al- Imam Al-Nowowi St. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

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