Manarat Jeddah National and International Schools offer the American and British curriculum. 

The oldest educational providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering world-class education and instilling creative thinking in students   

Enrolment is open now from KG 1 - Grade 12

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We are committed to creating a learning environment that builds self-awareness, confidence, competence, and independence

A school that focuses on innovation by embedding practices in all spheres of learning

We offer advanced education programmes that equip our students with the right knowledge and tools to prepare them for the future

Why should you choose Manarat Jeddah International School?
-Our students consistently achieve exceptional results in CAIE examinations
-We offer the Saudi national, British CAIE and American CCSS curricula with an Islamic ethos and environment
-We have over 25 different nationalities at the school

for 2020/2021,  KG1 to Grade 12

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Manarat Jeddah National and International Schools have been at the forefront of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with their longstanding years of experience and continuous effort. Our long track successful record is a result of our determination to improve the educational services we provide in the Kingdom, where we always strive to implement international standards in everything we do. This vision is clearly represented in on our students’ outstanding academic performance and examination results.

Dr. Mohammad Al Arfaj

Enrollment is now open!

We welcome enrolment applications every day. Ensure a better future for your children by enrolling now!

At Manarat Jeddah Schools
Academic Year 2020/2021


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Why are Manarat Jeddah Schools the right choice for your children?

Manarat Jeddah Schools provide a dynamic and inspiring environment that enable children to excel in their educational journey from K-12, with a distinctive educational programme that is enriched with unique partnerships with international institutions to help students pursue a distinguished career pathway

Ma’arif for Education and Training, is the largest and oldest private schools’ operator in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ma’arif was established in 1971 in Saudi Arabia, and has more than 13 schools in its portfolio of schools across the Kingdom, offering K-12 National and International education for both Boys and Girls

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  • Our students achieve over 96% of IGCSE grades of A*-C

  • We offer both IGCSE and SAT examination (MJIS prepares students for CAIE and SAT examinations)

  • We conduct external standardized MAP tests every Fall and Spring for all students to measure the extent of our students’ academic progress

Academic Excellence

  • A comprehensive extracurricular activity program that involves all students experiencing over 20 different activities including life skills, STEM activities, sports activities, creativity exercises, social skills and mental challenges.

  • We have a  comprehensive academic support programs for students of all academic levels

  • We are the only school in Jeddah that runs a successful ‘Mowheba’ programme (We are the first international school to host students on the King Abdul Aziz program for gifted and talented students – Mowheba)

Innovative Programmes

  • Our teachers follow an educational programme that connects everything we teach with real life examples and surrounding environment.

  • We have high qualified teachers who train students on Mawheba programs, Aptitude, Achievement, APTIS and IELTS tests.

  • All our English teachers have TKT certificate from the British council in English Teaching Knowledge.

Empowering Teachers

An unconventional innovative school

Creative Teaching Methodology

Student Development is our top priority

We use advanced learning technologies that open new horizons for our students to be educated in a non-traditional school environment with modern teaching techniques and tools

We enable our teachers to create new opportunities that improve student learning, help build their abilities and skills, and discover and develop their inner talent, to make them enjoy their learning journey within our school

We provide an integrated approach to education that connects with students' realities and interests, to enable them to face day to day challenges inside and outside school